Wordless Wednesday: School Lunch

school lunch

Fight for healthier school lunches.

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Mallory says:

It’s disgusting that that is what we’re feeding our children at school. I did some rough calculations, and that meal has:
894 calories, 25g fat, 1.5g trans fat, 76mg cholesterol, 2519mg sodium, 134g carbs, 45g sugar and 34g protein.

That’s almost half a day’s worth of calories, well more than an entire day’s allowance for sodium, and no one should eat trans fat in any amount. Not too mention all the sugar from the milk, ketchup and fruit.

Keri says:

That’s what it looks like at the high school I went to as well… Nice and yucky. The chocolate milk was always good though.

Mine is up to @ http://keriskorner.blogspot.com

Happy WW!


Groovy Mom says:

UGH. Just looking at it makes me sick. If I ate school lunches daily I would be seriously ill.

chris says:

Loaded with fats and sugar. It’s no wonder the kids can’t stay awake or act up in school. Where are the healthy fruits, vegetables and plain good old meat. Everything looks processed. Disgusting!

Jade says:

this reminds me of the awful things I used to eat in school. We had something called the “traveling taco”. Kids would pick red or blue flavoured bag of Doritos and the lunch lady would open it and scoop in some burger meat, grated cheddar cheese and sour cream…all utra processed of course and you would then empty it out on to a styrofoam tray and eat it with a fork… and I’d usually drink a coke with that and head to the candystore afterwards for lemonheads to suck on to try to keep me up thru the next class.

very unhealthy and very un-green. I was aware of healthy eating at the time and knew this was terrible, but I often didn’t wake up early enough to pack a lunch and all my friends would be eating this crap.

autumn says:

the school lunches are good, but the students do not notice how much calories or bad things they have in just one meal. they only focus on the meal they are eating and if it is good TASTING. the schools need to focus on healthy foods but food the children want to eat. Like on main mean like a hotdog or hamburger or anything like that, milk that is nutritous, a choice of vegtable or friut, and a side of salad or a cookie ar somthing small. they need to eat balenced but have a yummy and good meal also.

chell-be says:

yall anit right for serving that food to people u can get them sick or sumthing that anit right

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