Work it Off: 3 Ways to Burn Off a 569 Calorie Plate of Nachos

Everyone has that dark room food. The one they should literally eat in a dark room in order to hide the finger licking, the hunching over the plate, and the single-minded focus. For some people it’s pizza. For others it’s donuts. For me it’s nachos.


I didn’t mean to eat a whole plate of them. In fact, I had fresh veggies for a salad in my fridge. But I met friends for happy hour and one thing led to another… All of a sudden I was carrying an extra 569 calories. Eek!

How could I have burned off all those extra calories?

salsa dancing
I could have  danced for 107 minutes.



I could have done a kickboxing class for 48 minutes.


art gallery

Or I could have gone gallery hopping for 4 hours.

I decided to gallery hop. It wasn’t the shortest means to an end, but it was probably the prettiest!

Bottom photo: Adriano Castelli /

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