Work it Off: 3 Ways to Negate the 620 Calories in a Gooey Cinnamon Roll

cinnamon roll

Few things smell better than a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven. (Cinnabon continues to bank on this one basic fact!) That’s one of the reasons I avoid a certain bakery in my neighborhood. Even walking in front of the building makes my mouth water—the cinnamon rolls smell (and taste!) that good.

But sometimes I give in, as I did earlier this week. The sweet scent was just too good to pass up. Of course, this came at a cost. Like, a really big cost: 620 delicious calories, to be exact, which is higher than pretty much any other treat I’ve learned how to burn off—even donuts and biscuits and gravy.

So, how could I help rid my body of the extra 620 calories?


doing yoga

I could have done hot yoga for 149 minutes. (Okay scratch that—I can barely stand 60 minutes in that heat!)

playing tennis

I could have played tennis for 65 minutes.


scrubbing floors

Or I could have cleaned my house top to bottom for 172 minutes.

I opted to clean. And after nearly three hours of it, my house was possibly the neatest it had ever been!


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