Yoga Beginner’s Top 5 To Know

Our very own Heather Ashare, a certified Yoga instructor, has written a Guest Post at’s blog. She shares the five things you should definitely make note of before beginning a yoga class. It’s definitely worth the read.

yoga poseSo if you’re new to downward-dogging here are five things you should know before you roll out your yoga mat:

  1. Look for a qualified instructor. Any teacher with the initials R.Y.T. (Registered Yoga Trainer) behind their name is a good bet that they have clocked some serious yoga training hours learning the basics of this ancient practice.
  2. Start out slow. Even if you’re in a great shape, yoga is a different kind of workout that you are probably not used to. Don’t try and stand on your head the first day in class.
  3. Refrain from eating 2-3 hours before you take a class. Even though you may nosh on a piece of fruit or granola bar before you hit the gym, a pre-yoga snack will backfire on you. Save it for after class.
  4. Be proactive and let your teacher know about your aches, pains and injuries. Back pain, knee pain, sciatica, all of these conditions and countless others should be brought to the attention of your instructor before class, even if he or she doesn’t ask.
  5. Go with an open mind. Your first time taking a yoga class may introduce you to postures, movements, and feelings that you have never before experienced. Just remember to keep breathing.

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