Yoga Pants for Brunch and Errands? Blame the Fashion Designers

By Chelsa Skees

Ever since fashion designers took a huge interest in dressing our athletes for the 2021 Olympic Games it got me thinking about how athletic wear has been taking on a life of its own. Not only have designers like Stella McCartney taken an interest in attaching their names behind fitness gear but the industry as a whole has taken notice of customer needs – which is to have stylish active wear that isn’t embarrassing to wear to the supermarket after a workout.

However, the argument could be that they possibly listened too well and are making fitness clothes a bit too cute, flattering, and stylish. Whether you are dogging-down or taking the dog for a walk, workout clothes have slowly seeped into our everyday life as an acceptable form of style no matter what the activity.

A few years ago you could see a woman strolling down the street in her ripped tee and sweatpants and knew she was either leaving or heading to the gym, but now you’ll see that same woman wearing sleek yoga pants and a moisture-wicking top to meet her girlfriends for brunch on a Saturday morning. I can’t even open a magazine these days without seeing celebrities also wearing stretch pants while sipping on coffee and shopping on some fabulous strip.

Don’t get me wrong, I am one of those women who is thrilled that workout attire is turning from frumpy to sleek, but I’m not sure I can hop on board with wearing them all the time. I make a conscious effort to not wear my yoga pants when I go brunching and I never wear my gym sneakers unless I’m going for a run or at the gym.

That being said, one of the biggest trends hitting the fashion scene has been athletic-inspired fashion. Nike did a collaboration with Liberty London to create stylish sneakers, with one style that even has a hidden wedge! Also, Ash Shoes, which has been around since 2000, is certainly getting a lot of hits this season with their wedge sneakers.

I may not be guilty of wearing my gym clothes around the city, however, I’m definitely guilty of owning one…OK, OK both brands of these wedge sneakers. As we all know, some trends come and go and some stay for a while. I’m curious where this athletic trend will be next season or even a year from now.

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Chelsa Skees is a fashion stylist and writer living in New York City. When not looking her best in her favorite color of grey, she’s training for the 2021 NYC Triathlon and raising money for Camp Interactive. You can find her at,, and on Twitter @Chelsa.

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