Zumba Becomes the World’s Largest Branded Fitness Program

When Alberto Perez started teaching aerobics in his hometown of Cali, Columbia, he was doing it to earn extra cash. Those aerobics classes blossomed into the fitness phenomenon that is known worldwide as Zumba. Zumba Fitness is a privately held company, but it has grown from just classes to a fitness empire that has attracted some big time investors.

Now you can get Zumba DVDs, video games, clothes or take the classes in more than 125 countries. Zumba, a Latin dance-inspired aerobic workout, started in a Miami garage almost 11 years ago. The fun dance classes have attracted not only the attention of investors, but also hip-hop stars that want their music featured in classes and on the videos. When teaching his first classes in Miami, Alberto, also known as Beto, was teaching the mother of Alberto Perlman. Perlman partnered with Beto and had the idea to take the classes to video for infomercial sale.

Zumba is currently focused on growing the number of certified instructors as well as students of the classes. As Zumba continues to grow rapidly and gain popularity, it has become the world’s largest branded fitness program. Those who become instructors can easily turn teaching Zumba classes into a lucrative small business. Instructors simply pay $30 each month and get new music and new dance steps through the global instructor network.

It’s exciting to see how Zumba is taking off and encouraging people to get exercise that is fun. Finding a way to get in movement is important for overall health, but it is so much easier to do if you are engaging in something you enjoy or playing as a way to relax and unwind. Many healthy adults incorporate playing as a way to get in exercise and a way to relax. Zumba and other activities that are similar can be a great way to play and exercise at the same time.

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