10 Tips to Sneak a Workout into Your Day

Here are 10 great tips to sneak a little more workout time into a busy schedule.Ten ways to sneak in a workout

1. Swap your chair for a balance ball. If this one won’t go over well at work, at least try it while watching TV or paying the bills at the kitchen table. Sitting on a balance ball with two feet on the ground not only improves your equilibrium, but also works your core.

2. Take the stairs. Whenever you can, avoid the elevator and take the stairs for a quick workout for your legs.

3. Leave your car at the far end of the parking lot. You will burn calories by walking farther, and even more if you have groceries to carry. Plus, your car will be less likely to get scratched.

4. Do something active when you go out with friends. This weekend, instead of sitting at the bar drinking a high-calorie cocktail, go dancing, bowling, skating or roller skating. Or maybe just take a walk in the park.

5. Walk the dog for 15 minutes longer. Skip the retractable leash too, using a shorter leash will cause you to use your arms more, and keep up with your pet. Just don’t exhaust your dog!

6. Work the check out line. Waiting goes faster when you make the most of a long line. Alternate between 10 butt squeezes and 10 heel lifts until it’s your turn to pay.

7. Wash your dishes by hand. This may not sound appealing, but washing the dishes by hand burns 50 percent more calories that just loading them into the machine.

8. Walk and talk, or at least stand. If you have a long phone call to make, go ahead and get up from your desk. Breaking up an otherwise sedentary day is a big health benefit.

9. Do 10 jumping jacks during every commercial break of your favorite show. You’ll really get your heart rate up.

10. Practice proper posture. When you stand or sit up straight, not only do you look more confident, you also burn more calories as the muscles in your neck and back contract.

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