10 Week Wedding Fitness Plan: Week 10

bridal bouquetWell, the final week of the wedding fitness plan is upon us and I hope that you have found success with your workout routines. Over the past few weeks I covered the importance of self-stretching as well as assisted stretching, but this week self-massage is the focus. Self-massage can be referred to as self myofascial release, which is a form of soft tissue therapy.

Wedding Season Week 10:

“Nothing takes as long as you think when you put your heart and mind to it.” (unknown)

Tip: Snacking before a workout is extremely important. By doing so, you will provide your body with enough fuel or energy to get through a long hard workout. Keep it small and simple, then grab a good healthy meal right after. A few quick healthy pre-workout snacks are fruit, granola, protein bar, egg whites, or a vegetable.

Week 9 Wedding Fitness Plan (Self-Massage):

Self-massage, or self myofascial release, is used for relieving pain or tension, increasing the range and motion of the body, improving posture, relieving stress, and helping to prevent future injuries. I have discussed self myofascial release in a previous article, but I believe it is such an important topic and must be covered again.

Self myofascial release is intended to trigger the fascia, which is web-like connective tissue that covers the muscles, organs, and skeleton. By slowly rolling over each body part or muscle group with a foam roller the fascia receives pressure and simply “unwinds” itself. This helps increase blood flow and restores optimum performance of the body. Below are a few of my favorite exercises. Again, slowly and gently roll each individual muscle group over the foam roller several times. Good luck!!

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