25% of Americans are Obese

According to the CDC in a report published yesterday, the obesity stats in the U.S. just continue to rise. The newest data shows that 25.6% of Americans can be categorized as obese. Obesity is when an individual’s BMI is greater than 30 (derived from your height and weight).
The CDC said that this percentage is probably a little conservative- considering people tend to say they are taller and weigh less than they actually do. The rate at which more people are being classified as obese is quite astonishing. Those numbers are 5.8% since 2000 and 10.3% since 1995.

See this story about which states have the highest and lowest obese populations.

One Response to 25% of Americans are Obese

Callie says:

I say NOT IT!! There’s just too much information for anyone to continue sliding into the obese category. Make small, healthy changes and the results WILL add up!!

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