3 Easy Ways to Boost Your BBQ’s Nutrition

When you’re manning the grill during a backyard barbecue, it’s still important to keep your healthy diet in the forefront of your mind.

We chatted with David Venable, host of QVC’s In the Kitchen with David, about how to slim down and add more nutrition to your meals when you’re grilling this summer.

Choose Turkey:

If you eat burgers frequently during the summertime, choose turkey once in a while. Turkey has a wonderful flavor and less fat than most beef burgers.

“There are two kinds of ground turkey you can buy,” said Venable. “One is all turkey breast meat and the other is a blend of white and dark turkey meat. If you want to go very lean, choose all white meat.”

Similarly, you can also substitute turkey dogs and chicken sausage for the regular fare. Kick up the flavor by adding veggies and spices. Chopped onions with minced garlic and a pinch of cumin will add a real zest to your grilled favorites.

Cut Calories Behind the Grill:

Summertime can feel like a three month long vacation, with delicious seasonal foods to sample and many barbeques to attend. “While we all love big parties, we don’t love the big bellies we might get from them,” said Venable. “At your next barbecue, skip the thick meat marinades that contain a lot of oil. Instead, try dry rubs made of your favorite spices. Rubs help bring out the natural flavor in leaner meats, so your food will not only be healthier, but also more flavorful.”

Get Creative:

“Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be boring,” said Venable. “My favorite healthy recipe is my very own turkey burgers. To be extra health conscious, choose whole wheat buns. Or, better yet, swap out the buns for iceberg lettuce.”

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