4 Healthier Burger Recipes for the 4th of July

Let’s celebrate our independence from fat, calories and all that other junk our bodies just do not need! Celebrate your freedom to choose delicious, satisfying foods that don’t wreck your diet, but rather support it. And, embrace your right as an American to fire up a grill on the 4th and enjoy the tempting burgers that rise from its flames. We hope you enjoy these four mouth-watering recipes for a variety of burgers (Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Veggie) you can savor during the holiday cookouts – and not worry about jeopardizing all your hard work! Happy 4th of July!

weight watchers cheeseburgerCheeseburger with Grilled Onions
It’s an American classic that is no stranger to your backyard grill, and its flavor only complimented by the smoky grilled onions. Choose lean ground beef, combine it with fresh garlic, oregano and low-fat cheddar cheese and you’re looking at 194 Calories, 6.7g Fat.

chicken burgersFeta Stuffed Chicken Burger
Sometimes, the healthier option yields a tastier meal. Your mouth is in for one heck of a fireworks show with this Mediterranean-influenced chicken burger. Blend ground chicken with fresh herbs, feta cheese and roasted red peppers, then serve in a warm bun or pita. Each one has 286 Calories, 18g Fat.

turkey burgerActually Delicious Turkey Burgers
What was nearly our feathered patriotic symbol is now the perfect dish for a lean cookout. You’ll want to gobble up every bite of these tender turkey burgers as you combine the ground turkey with fresh garlic and parsley. They’re just 208 Calories, 11g Fat.

veggie burgerVeggie Burgers
Exercise your right to vote this as one of the easiest and heartiest veggie burgers in the country. Ensure your vegetarian friends are enjoying the festivities and complimenting the chef when you serve these. They’re made with a blend of white kidney beans, egg, bread crumbs and fresh vegetables, for only 124 Calories, 5g Fat.

3 Responses to 4 Healthier Burger Recipes for the 4th of July

Travis says:

Thanks for the tips, I am currently trying to drop 50 pounds and holidays are difficult to eat healthy! I am actually blogging about my weight loss if you want to check it out.

Joe Horn says:

I just cooked some Turkey Burgers with Ricotta filling. Come take a look when if you have a chance and let me know what you think of them.



athena says:

today is the 14th of November and you had your shopw on about 2 brothers and two sisters competing on the boys burgers and fries the girls burger and sweet potatoe dishes. And it ended up even score 12 and 12. Great show where can I get the reciepies for the girls dish of burgern bacon with baked sweet potaoes? Thankyou for your show!

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