5 Easy Energy Boosters on The Dr. Oz Show

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, TV’s favorite doctor will be posing the question, “Are you tired and sluggish and ready to collapse from juggling all of life’s demands?” If you answered ‘yes,’ be sure to tune in as Dr Oz. shares his five simple ways to kickstart your day and boost your energy.

According to a preview on his website, Dr. Oz. will be sharing his personal secrets to boosting energy, including his personal recipe for ‘energy cubes,’ an all-natural energy-blasting supplement, a simple trick for deep breathing, a pick-me-up to keep in your purse, and a ‘magic button’ that helps power you down at night.

Dr. Oz’s energy cubes, are comprised of spirulina and lime juice; spirulina being a green, mossy plant that comes from the sea and is a complete source of protein. Dr Oz. recommends combining spirulina with lime juice, freezing the mixture into an ice cube tray, and then popping two cubes into water for a refreshing energy drink.

During the show, Dr Oz. also recommends a natural energy-boosting supplement called Moringa Oleifera, which reportedly comes from the Himalayas and has been found to have three times more iron than spinach.

Along with these tips, Dr. Oz will also share the one item in your home that’s zapping your energy. Check your local listings for official show times.

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