6 Tips for Safer Summer Hikes with Ali Vincent’s Live Big Group Hikes

Since it’s so beautiful in most of the country during this time of year, everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sun and weather. This leads to so much opportunity to get those calories burned without having to hit the gym. However, if you live in places like Arizona, where I grew up, it’s almost too hot to be outside unless you take the right precautions. WATER, WATER, WATER and a few salty snacks will save you!

About a week or so ago I ran one of the half marathons that I have on my calendar, to achieve my goal this year and run 13, 13.1 races in 2024. While I was excited to run with my friend and for the adventure we had in store, I found myself paying a huge price for not taking in to account the weather! I knew it would be warm, but I didn’t realize that I would be running directly in the sun and my body started cramping from dehydration; I was miserable until the sun started to set. By that time it was too late and I had to just barrel through while intaking what I could in water and electrolyte drinks to try and get some hydration back. I actually wasn’t able to fully recover until I snacked on some saltines as well.

A few quick tips to have you ready for a safe hike:

  • You have to know your environment.
  • Wear lighter colored clothing so that you don’t attract the already present sun.
  • Make sure you are wearing a hat and sunscreen.
  • Have a spray bottle nearby to spray on you to cool off.
  • Have plenty of water to drink.
  • Keep pretzels to snack on.

In hot, humid conditions, a large amount of sweat is lost, which can disturb sodium and water balance in your body. This is commonly known throughout the athletic world, but not as likely thought about during a hard day of play with friends and family. Our bodies cool themselves by sweating; sweat is made up of, in an elementary description, of salt and water. Sodium is a required element for normal body functions so when we are sweating a lot we need to make sure we try and keep that balanced to be able to continue to enjoy the day and not get sick through dehydration.

You will find you might run in to this in many outdoor activities through the summer so just be aware and prepared so that you can enjoy all of your outings.

Last week on Live Big With Ali Vincent, mom and I took advantage of the beautiful weather in sunny California and decided to have a Live Big group hike. While mom was not particularly happy about hiking, she was excited to meet all of the people who showed up, including Mercedes who hits some huge milestones.

Then we decided to have a little friendly competition during another fun outdoor activity, but see what happens when the competitive natures of mom and I rise! Tune in to new episodes every Saturday at 4:30 CST on the Live Well network.

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