7 Ways to Afford Your Own Staycation Retreat Weekend

It’s summer vacation! Time to celebrate, enjoy the weather, and focus on YOU. Just because you don’t have a tropical getaway booked doesn’t mean you can’t still plan your own amazing day or weekend “staycation” right in your own hometown! A lot of people see self-care as selfish, when truly it is the opposite: selfless. If you don’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others? Being at your best helps you bring out the best in those around you.

So take some time to show yourself the love you deserve!

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Weekend retreats and relaxation packages are popping up all over the place now to promote self-care. But if you’re looking to skip the airport security lines and save on a hotel, why not create your own pampering weekend locally? Here are our top seven suggestions for making the most of your “me” time.

1. Truly Take Some PTO.

Personal time off is rarely used as just that: Personal Time Off. No hustle and bustle of traveling, no doctor’s appointments, or commitments to anyone else but yourself. If it is reasonable for you to take a few hours to lengthen your at-home retreat weekend, your soul will truly thank you for it. And your boss may not mind how rejuvenated and energized you will be returning to work on Monday!

2. Treat your Tummy.

This weekend is all about self-love, and many experts argue that this starts in the gut. Treat your tummy to the healthiest, most nourishing foods you know. Buy the ingredients to create your own smoothies, try new healthy recipes, or take yourself on a date to that trendy new restaurant. Splurge a little but stay focused on eating and drinking things that will keep you feeling your best.

3. Create a Yoga Intensive.

Maybe you can’t ship yourself off to a tropical island and sun salute on the beach, but you can dive headfirst into your studio’s schedule and try as much as you can! Check if they have special deals that let you try out multiple classes or discounts for bringing friends. A 60-minute morning flow is great, but why not add in another class or two during the rest of your day. Just make sure to rehydrate in between, especially if you go back-to-back. Whether you’re a yoga newbie or master, everyone can benefit from sitting in a calm room and moving their body as much as possible.

4. Get A Massage.

You’re going to multiple yoga classes each day right? What better way to recharge and smooth out your strong muscles than a relaxing massage. Find an online coupon deal, borrow your friend in massage school, or try at-home methods like foam rolling. You deserve it!

5. Soak in the tub or sauna.

Are you getting the “detox” theme, yet? This weekend is all about letting go of all thoughts, tension, and toxins that are no longer serving you. Challenge yourself to sit in the silence of a soothing bath or steam room. Tune out the world and tune into yourself. Draw a bubble bath, light a candle, play soft music. Make it special!

6. Unplug.

Our world is so overstimulating these days. There is hardly ever any true silence anymore. Take a risk and turn your phone off for the day, even unplug your wifi. No screens of any kind! Studies show that too much computer or TV time can physically affect the health of your heart! Let your loved ones know ahead of time so they don’t worry about you, but then trust that the planet will in fact keep spinning if your Facebook newsfeed goes unchecked for awhile.

7. Invite a friend…or don’t!

Decide what is more rare and treasured to you, and make that the priority. Hardly ever get alone time? Rain check with your girlfriends and take your “me” time. Impossible to catch up with friends? Set your staycation retreat enough in advance where it is inked in your calendars and make it happen together.

Drooling over this fantasy list? Create your own ideal weekend, set the date, and don’t look back. It’s so much more attainable than you realize!


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