Ali Vincent Premieres Season 3 of Live Big with Ali Vincent with Bette-Sue by Her Side

This week started out with a bang! I found myself on the red carpet promoting and celebrating the premiere of the third season of my show, Live Big With Ali Vincent on the Live Well network. I never imagined that my quest to find balance through health and fitness would guide me in this direction, but boy am I grateful. The premiere party was attended by celebrities and powers that be in the industry, however it felt more like a party for my Biggest Loser friends and Live Big guests.

We had low calorie Vita Frute cocktails by Veev and the Executive Chef Marius Blin of the Sofitel Los Angeles prepared AMAZING appetizers from the restaurant’s D’Lite menu. Everyone loved that they could enjoy the evening without worrying about breaking the calorie bank. Immediately after the party I was off on a plane to start the promotional tour leading up to the premiere the very next morning.

I find that during exciting times in life it’s really easy to get tempted and distracted from what then might seem like less exciting mundane routines. Live Big With Ali Vincent this season is all about being prepared for the unknown, being challenged by experiencing whatever life throws your way and finding healthy weights to navigate along the way.

ali vincent premiere

Each week the producers give me an address and tell me when to show up. Of course I have no idea what to expect so I have to make sure that I am up for anything life or in this case, the producers throw my way. I remember prior to the Biggest Loser, regardless if I wanted to do something or not, I couldn’t do most of the adventurous activities I desired because my body held me back. Some of the activities were out of my reach due to my physical abilities like the endurance required and some because I was over the specific weight limit, like skydiving.

Tune in this week to an all new Live Big With Ali Vincent and see what happens as my life speeds up, adventure challenges me and the entire time I bring my mom Bette-Sue Burklund along for the ride. Spending 24/7 with your mother is a ride of its own and while my mom and I are Living Big with all of life’s ups and downs, we want you along for the ride, too!

Until next week-

Ali xo

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