Best Nutrition Tip: Eat With Your Eyes

My dad used to always tell me that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I loved the look of all the food at family picnics that I took way too much and couldn’t finish it all. Little did I know my dad was teaching me one of the best nutrition tips ever – Eat With Your Eyes!

Watch this video of my tips for making ordinary food look like something you just want to dive into. The best part, it’s totally nourishing.

bowl of cherriesWhen you eat with your eyes you get to experience the pleasure of the foods – we have more senses than just taste after all. So really soak up the appearance of the foods at parties, picnics or even the family dinner table. Appreciate them for their color and aroma. Know that you don’t “have” to try every single thing. It’s not about the food. Take a little of the most appetizing foods and enjoy every last drop of them.

Let me know what you think! Do you “eat with your eyes” enough? Do you think it could help you manage your portion control and enjoy your food better?

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