Best Places to Run in Los Angeles

biggest losers at runyon canyon

Former Biggest Loser contestants Bill Germanakos, Coleen Skeabeck and Dan Evans run Runyon Canyon with our senior editor Brandi Koskie. (photo by Bill Germanakos)

Over the next few weeks, I am going to cover the best places to run or walk in the nation. By best, I am talking about the safest and most scenic places that take your breath away while you enjoy your exercise. I am going to start with L.A. simply because I live there and I am familiar with the best trails and such.

First off, Griffith Park, is the nations largest inner-city park (surrounded by cities). Griffith Park consists of three golf courses, several trails, horseback riding, and plenty of room to play sports or picnic. Simply amazing!!

Next, Runyon Canyon Park is located near Hollywood and full of celebrities. People from all walks of life gather here to exercise, walk the dog, or enjoy some time away from the city. I am a total fan of this place, but don’t wear your best pair of running shoes because they are sure to get dusty on the dirt filled trails; but so worth it.

Lastly, the bike trail that runs from Santa Monica Beach to Venice Beach. The trail is actually eight and a half miles long, but the best three or four miles are the ones that run from Santa Monica to Venice. Thousands of people gather here daily to lay out by the ocean, bike, roller blade, jog, or shop. I personally try and run this trail at least three times a week due to the amazing ocean views and the people watching. Beyond amazing!!

Stay tuned for more trails and places to run or walk!

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