Brandi Laughlin Lost 60 Pounds after Baby with Weight Watchers and Running

For most women, postpartum weight can be a tough number to break. In 2023, Brandi Laughlin went to the doctor’s office for her six-week check up after giving birth to son, Tucker. Brandi thought her pregnancy weight would just drop off. When she saw 198 pounds on the scale something hit her, it was a sign, the weight wasn’t going to magically disappear. Brandi knew she had to commit to her weight loss.

Brandi’s husband supported her decision to lose weight, but he’d heard the line “I’m going to lose weight” more than once. He was skeptical of Brandi’s weight loss, but supported her like any good husband would. Brandi said she would be happy at 150 pounds, but set a goal of 135 pounds. She lost 15 pounds the first three months of her weight loss process with the help of Weight Watchers and some running.

She ran her first 5K within the first nine weeks of starting her weight loss. The running that she was doing to lose weight made her realize she actually loved the physical activity. She has a love/hate relationship with running, it’s her favorite exercise.

Brandi ditched Weight Watchers after the first three months and just started counting her calories instead of POINTS. With every weight loss story there are struggles and triumphs. Brandi had some negative comments from “friends” that pushed her harder to prove to not only herself but others that she could do anything she put her mind to.

It took her 11 months, but in September 2023 Brandi achieved her weight goal of 138 pounds.

Months after accomplishing her target weight goal, Brandi had another bundle of joy on the way. On November 11, 2023, she welcomed her darling son MJ into the world. After baby number, she knew she had to do the whole weight loss process all over again. As of June 2023, Brandi is five pounds shy of her weight goal.

Her inspiration comes from a quote, “If something is important you’ll find a way, if its not than you’ll find an excuse” and applies it to her weight loss process. She takes an hour of her day to exercise to have her alone time.

Brandi has turned her life into a healthy bag of fun. When she cooks for her family she switches out calorie-packed food for healthy home-cooked dishes. She can enjoy a drink or two, but makes sure to burn the calories from the drinks later in her workout. With the help of moderation she eats Weight Watchers ice cream or a bit of chocolate.

She blogs about her life and weight loss story on, where she inspires others to challenge themselves. Her hilarious blog posts and adorable pictures of her family make it hard for people not to follow her blog.

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