Check-in to Fitness at the Healthiest Hotel Chains in America

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This summer, InterContinental Hotels Group announced their first opening of a revolutionary wellness-focused hotel brand. The line is called EVEN Hotels, and the first one is based out of Norwalk, Connecticut.

The hotel group decided to create the EVEN Hotels to focus on the “wellness minded” nation and world travelers. It is so hard to stick to a healthy routine while traveling, but this hotel line has the right idea. Their food menus are focused on nutrition, there is a workout room with a variety of equipment to choose from, including workout classes and groups led by the staff.

EVEN isn’t the only hotel chain putting its guests’ wellness first. For some time many other great healthy hotel lines have improved the amenities in this category. Check this list before you book your next active vacation.


The Fairmont Hotels and Resorts (at certain locations) offer a “hotel dog” to take out for walks. Besides that, there are massages offered at the hotel line–so relax after taking advantage of onsite exercise facilities. Not only that, but for a small fee, you can have shoes, an MP3 player, and running maps delivered to your room.

Dog Owners Get More Exercise, With or Without Their Pet


The fancy hotel chain offers some of the nicest strength and cardio equipment, not to mention a menu entitled “Eat Right.” The food focuses on high fiber, high energy, low carb, and low fat — all up to you in whichever combination you choose to partake in. What a great idea!

Hyatt Regency

Above and beyond just having a workout facility on site, the Hyatt Regency hotel lines have expanded their gym to a 24 hour fitness concierge service–focusing on delivering workout clothes and various other fitness products to help their guests stay fit and active. Of course, their nutrition is on point, as well. Healthy food options are offered for every meal.

Continental breakfast buffets, be gone! Here’s hoping to see all major hotel lines expand their horizons and help support healthy and fun trips!

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