Conservatives and Liberals Make Different Food Choices

There are many ways that we identify ourselves, and one of our deepest set chosen identities tends to be political beliefs. Self-identified liberals and conservatives (rather than those that identify as “middle of the road”) tend to disagree strongly on a variety of subjects, from the size of government to taxation to gay marriage. A survey of 347, 949 users has identified that those who tend to support liberal or conservative politicians also disagree on what to eat.

Those who identified as liberal seem to be more likely to agree with what they read at DietsInReview. While conservatives were 65 percent more likely to eat fast food a few times per week, liberals were 92 percent more likely to eat fast food rarely or never. When it comes to french fries, conservatives consider McDonald’s the best of the best, while liberals are 64 percent more likely to prefer bistro-type fries.

Similar to their fast food choices, those who identify as conservative were 50 percent more likely to believe there is no significant difference between organic and processed food, while identifying yourself as a liberal makes you 28 percent more likely to disagree. Liberals are 29 percent more likely than conservatives to avoid soda and 27 percent as likely to drink only diet soda when they do. Those who identify as liberal are 28 percent more likely to eat fresh fruit daily, while those who identify as conservative are 35 percent more likely to eat fresh fruit less than once per week.

Liberals seem to be more liberal in their alcoholic intake as well. When eating dinner at home, liberals are 57 percent more likely to drink wine, while conservatives are 57 percent more likely to choose milk and 17 percent more likely to choose juice or soda. When it comes to beer, 60 percent of liberals enjoy beer, while conservatives are 27 percent more likely to state that they do not like the taste of beer.

When asked about their idea of exotic ethnic food, liberals were more likely to consider Pan-Asian or French fusion foods, while conservatives were 94 percent more likely to consider Chinese takeout to be exotic ethnic food. Liberals are likely to prepare coconut curry with lamb and rice, but conservatives are not, opting for burgers, meatloaf, or casseroles. It is the politically liberal shoppers that choose the “hard-to pronounce pastas” in the grocery store. When it comes to pizza, liberals tend to prefer a thin crust while conservatives prefer a thick crust or deep dish pizza.

Despite all of our differences, the majority of liberals and conservatives agree that we prefer soft tortillas when eating tacos.

Do your food preferences align with your political choices or are you an outlier?

2 Responses to Conservatives and Liberals Make Different Food Choices

Thomas A Lash says:

I guess I’m more at home as a liberal but it’s easier to live like a conservative. I think having the many millions of food choices in America has dealt us a lethal blow. So it’s always easier to make a meatloaf or have some sauerkraut and sausage than to get all of the ingredients for a powerful west indian meal. McDonald’s should never be consumed unless you have no choice and little funds.
1. I like fast food since my wife is not always going to cook dinner, I’m too lazy to cook myself.
2. I would only drink soda on occasion and never diet it’s not safe. Milk and coconut water everyday.
3. WIlling to drink beer like hard cider and ginger beer and wine spritzer better. Always stop at three
4. Yes thin crust is the best and only way pizza should be served. Tacos are Hard Fajitas are soft.

Lynda says:

Much of this probably has to do with where people live and whether fruits and vegetables are grown locally and therefore are abundant.

When I used to live in California, there were super cheap vegetable stands on every corner in town and even cheaper and fresher stands on the farms out past the suburbs.

Now in the rural South, I rarely see a vegetable stand and if I do the prices and quality are pretty comparable to the grocery store.

I think the reason that most people who live in conservative areas eat less healthy—is because there are less fruit and vegetable stands to provide an almost constant supply of healthy food ALL YEAR LONG!

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