Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 6 – Eat Wholly Guacamole!

This is the tastiest challenge Courtney’s given us yet. Who wouldn’t want to take on a challenge that requires you to eat guacamole every day? And not hang out in the kitchen making guacamole, but buying it ready-to-go from Wholly Guacamole!

Well that’s your challenge in week 6 – to eat Wholly Guacamole (and/or Wholly Salsa) and report back how you enjoyed it. For Courtney that’s going to be as a salad dressing or topping a chicken breast. Replace mayo, use as a dip, or even use instead of sour cream on a breakfast burrito… either way, the options are endless!

Want to get up close and personal with Courtney? Join us for our very first Yackit! It’s like a Twitter party but a live video conversation instead. You’ll join Courtney, Brandi from, the fun gals from Wholly Guacamole, and we’ll have an extra seat for you! 

WHEN: Tuesday, August 2 at 7:00pm CST / 8:00pm EST

WHERE: Just click here to join us!

: Pre-register for Yackit! and you’ll be able to join the conversation immediately. It’s super simple, you can even do it using Facebook Connect.

BRING: Your web cam-enabled computer, and questions for Courtney!
No camera? No problem! There will be a live chat too, and you can turn up the volume to hear the conversation!

WIN: Wholly Guacamole is going to have prize packs loaded for several participants to take home!

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