Cybex’s Arc Trainer Supports Two-Time Cancer Survivor’s Weight Loss Journey

I’m Andi Guthrie, a wife, mother of two and Naunie to one. I am also a two-time cancer survivor diagnosed first at the age of 22 when my children were 4.5-years old and six-months old. I’m a fighter that never gave up and never had pity upon myself. Thyroid cancer was my first cancer and it had spread into my lymph nodes and also my parathyroid. I went to the doctor because I was unable to lose the weight after the birth of our daughter and I had never had a weight issue before. This was when the doctor found a tumor in my neck and two weeks later I was having the first of two surgeries.

Since that time I have been battling to lose weight and have not been successful. I’ve used diet pills, I tried out for the Biggest Loser twice, then finally was approved for LAP-band surgery. It was at that point when I was picking up the phone to schedule my surgery that I could not rightfully admit that I had 100 percent tried to lose weight the healthy way on my own. Instead of scheduling surgery I cancelled all appointments and removed my name from the surgery list. On January 25, 2020 I started my journey of a happier, healthier me and have given this journey 100 percent of me!

Part of that journey was joining a gym and finding a perfect fit for my fitness needs on the Cybex Arc Trainer. I have to admit I was intimidated by the Arc Trainer at the gym. I saw people using it but for some reason I allowed the looks of the Arc to get me. I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees so I didn’t want it to hurt my knees any more than they already did. It was not until I spoke with a friend of mine from Michigan who is a personal trainer (Demond Johnson) that I learned that this machine would do nothing but benefit me.

I went to my orthopedic doctor and mentioned this to him and he told me the same thing. With their prompting I got on the Arc and I was hooked at my first ride! My knees felt wonderful! I could actually walk when I got off the Arc and my joints DID NOT HURT the next day. I was in heaven! Finally, something that I could use that was an amazing workout that didn’t hurt!

The Cybex Arc Trainer is actually very user friendly. There are so many different levels that a person can do on the Arc. The Arc is also good for any fitness level because of the variety of settings that it offers and you, as the user, have total control of what settings you want to use. You can make it as easy as it offers (which will still kick your rear) or you can make it hard as heck. Either way, you will sweat buckets and burn at least 16 percent more calories than you would on an elliptical. Plus, it is more body friendly to those of us with knee and hip issues.

The Arc has such a natural feel and there is absolutely no awkwardness while working out on it. When I first started implementing the Arc in to my workouts I dropped 21 pounds in two months! I’ve never lost that in two months before. The Arc doesn’t discriminate either. You can be in the best shape of your life and you will still get an amazing work out on it. I was so in love with this machine that I was driving 45 minutes one way just to use it. Once gas prices started sky rocketing I just couldn’t do it any longer so when Diets In Review had the Biggest Loser Arc Trainer contest I knew I had to at least try and I am so glad I did because now I have the most amazing piece of equipment right at my fingertips.

Thank you Diets In Review for inspiring many of us to realize we can take this journey and win! I appreciate all that you do! Thank you Cybex for building the best piece of cardio equipment out there! Love yall!

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