Diet Disaster: Carl’s Jr. Foot-long Cheeseburger

the foot-long cheeseburger from Carl's Jr.Here’s a new item for This Is Why You’re Fat: Carl’s Jr. “footlong cheeseburger.” The colossal burger is only available on a trial basis at 50 Southern California locations, like the Santa Ana store where a blogger from Food Beast snapped this photo. He reported that the burger is several beef patties stuffed into a foot-long loaf, just like a sub sandwich. It’s available for $4.00 for the “basic” version, or for $4.50 for a burger with fixings like tomato, lettuce and onions. “The dough on the bread seems a little off,” reports the brave tester. “But the execution of the entire sandwich still remains interesting and I’m intrigued to say the least.”

The foot-long cheeseburger is also for sale at 50 Hardee’s locations in Indiana reports The Huffington Post. Nutritional information has yet to be announced, but it’s good to keep in mind that this is the same restaurant chain that produced the 1,400 calorie Monster Burger and the Monster Breakfast Sandwich that contains 47 grams of fat. However “interesting” a foot-long burger may be, we don’t think the calories are worth satisfying anyone’s curiosity.

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