Eat a Bigger Breakfast to Lose Weight

health benefits of breakfastThe August issue of Marie Claire reports that there are even more reasons not to skip breakfast. Although some people say they feel less hungry throughout the day if they don’t eat in the morning, they’re really slowing down their metabolisms and making weight loss even more difficult.

A study conducted at the University of Alabama-Birmingham suggests that eating more fat in the morning helps the body metabolize the fatty foods you eat during the rest of the day. However, the study was conducted with mice fed a fatty diet at different times of day, so more research will need to be done to find out if the phenomena is true for humans as well.

  • People participating in a research study at the University of Connecticut who ate three eggs with toast for breakfast chose to eat 112 calories less at lunch. Those eating a lighter breakfast consumed more calories. The protein in eggs suppress a hunger hormone ghrelin.
  • Drinking a glass of orange juice was shown to cut free radicals, reports a study conducted at the University of Buffalo. Free radicals interfere with the normal functioning of the body’s cells and can inflame blood vessels.

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