Einstein Bros. Reveal New Bagel Thins

Taking a cue from the 100-calorie flat sandwich breads from Arnold Bread, Pepperidge Farm and Earth Grain, Einstein Bros. Bagels has just unveiled their new Bagel Thin sandwiches.

This food find is cause for celebration for the bagel lover in you. Since some of Einstein Bros. Bagels can have as many as 330 calories, and that’s without cream cheese, these new bagel thins are a lower calorie sandwich option available at participating Einstein Bros Bagels and Noah’s New York Bagels locations.

The new product line is available in three options: Turkey-Bacon and Avocado Thin (380 calories),  Tuna Salad (250 calories), and the Turkey Thin (250 calories).

The problem with most restaurant sandwiches is that they weigh you down thanks to the huge amounts of dough, meat, cheese and fat-laden toppings.

“Smart nutrition is a part of the Einstein Noah Restaurant Group DNA and we are leading the way with our new bagel thin sandwiches and partnership with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation,” said Jeff O’Neill, CEO, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. “While we recognize that our customers are looking for simple ways to eat better, they don’t want to sacrifice great taste. We are committed to this consumer insight as we develop new, innovative lower calorie and lower fat menu items.”

I have yet to try the new bagel thin sandwiches, but from the buzz around the Internet and the long lunch lines I see at my local Einstein’s, these sandwiches are a hit! Plus, they are whole-grain and made-to-order, so load yours up with the super low-calorie fresh veggie toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers and more.

I predict that in the coming months, other bagel chains will follow suit and offer lighter versions of these beloved holey rounds of dough.

Happy noshing!

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