5 Gorgeous Flowers that are Good Enough to Eat

flower salad

Flowers are so gorgeous. They smell so beautiful, they brighten up any room, and they are incredibly symbolic. But did you also know you can eat flowers? I know, it is a crazy concept to imagine eating a flower, but I promise there are some good ones out there! Follow along to decide which flowers you can eat tonight!



Yes, arugula is a technically a flower. Though it is usually thought of as a type of lettuce—and is typically used as a slightly bitter alternative to other salad greens—arugula is actually a floral. If you grow your own, these flowers will appear as the plant matures. In fact, once flowers appear your arugula may be too bitter to eat, but the flowers are still edible. The plant is high in fiber and antioxidants, so chow down.



Carnations are one of the prettiest flowers out there, but did you know you can also eat them? Their petals taste like they smell, but they also have been known to reduce stress and nervousness. In fact, they’re even used to make the liqueur Chartreuse. Petals can be added to salads or used in cooking.


Most commonly consumed in tea, hibiscus is a beautiful flower that can and should be eaten. Hibiscus has a delicious tart flavor that can reduce blood pressure. It makes for a tasty hot tea but is also popular during summer as an iced tea.

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Nasturtium flowers are generally bright orange and yellow. The bees love their pollen and people love them for their super spicy taste. The flowers, which grow on a vine, are edible and so are the plant’s round leaves. They’re most often used as a pretty addition to salads.

squash blossoms

Squash Blossoms

Squash plants grow like crazy, so it’s no wonder that some farmers and gardeners nip them in the bud, literally. Squash blossoms eventually turn into squash but many chefs like the flowers as much as or more than the actual gourd. The blossoms are generally stuffed with a cheese filling then fried. Delish!

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