Four Simple Tips for Avoiding GMOs

How to Avoid GMOsWhile the health and environmental risks of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are still being debated, many people feel strongly about not eating them. After all, do you really want fish genes in your tomato? Here are four simple shopping tips from

1. Buy Organic

Anything with a USDA Organic label cannot contain GMO ingredients by law.

2. Look for “Non-GMO”
Your safest bet is with products that carry the “Made with non-GMO Ingredients” seal shown here, because it’s third-party verified. However, some companies voluntarily label their products or limit their claim to one staple ingredient.

3. Avoid “At Risk” Ingredients
If you’re looking at a processed food that’s not organic and contains corn, soybeans, canola or cottonseed, the likelihood that it contains GMOs is very high. Also, beware of so-called “Invisible Genetically Modified Ingredients” like sugar that’s made from GM sugar beets.

4. Use a Shopping Guide
Although these guides may not have every product you search for, they have most major brands. Try or

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