Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Top 1980s Workout Songs

The ’80s were a carefree time, with many excesses, but also good-natured fun. MTV’s arrival in 1981 took ’80s music to new heights.

While many new bands appeared on the charts during the ’80s, veteran bands continued to produce hit after hit. There’s something about ’80s music that gets people up on their feet and moving. The ’80s were a very motivational time and the music left behind is there to prove it. Below is a list of the top ’80s motivational workout songs that inspire and get you through those long, sweaty workouts. Good luck!

Top ’80s Workout Songs:

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A few of the more popular ’80s sitcoms include “Threes Company,” “Growing Pains,” “The Golden Girls,” “Roseanne,” “Cheers” and “The Cosby Show.” The movies of the ’80s were amazing in their own right. Below is a list of the top movies for each year of the decade.

  • 1980: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
  • 1981: Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  • 1982: E.T.
  • 1983: Star Wars: Return Of  The Jedi
  • 1984: Ghostbusters
  • 1985: Back To The Future
  • 1986: Top Gun
  • 1987: Three Men And A Baby
  • 1988: Rain Man
  • 1989: Batman

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