HealthBuzz July 27: Bad Moms on Childhood Obesity, Paula Deen’s Weight Loss, and Olympic Recipes

The Olympic Games begin this weekend! We can’t wait to watch super athletes compete for the gold. But, before you watch some of the Games get a dose of healthy news from DIR and our friends. We also have mouth-watering Olympic-inspired recipes for you to enjoy.

To Train Well, Train Your Brain: The Difference Between Finishing and Failing

The phrase “everything is mental” should be applied to your workouts and training. Athletes not only have the physical capability for sports and competition, but their mental capability is the driving force enabling them to reach their goal.

A “Bad Mom” Speaks Out: Keep Cartoon Characters on the Screen and Off My Kid’s Food

Cute cartoon characters get the attention of kids therefore putting them on food packages is brilliant for food companies. Wrong. These cartoon characters marketed toward children is another factor contributing to the obesity epidemic. We have testimony from a “bad mom” about how and why she keeps food for her child cartoon free.

Kirstie Alley Being Sued Over Claims of Losing Weight with Organic Liaison

The actress is being slapped with a lawsuit for claiming Organic Liaison helped her lose 100 pounds. However, the brand spoke to DietsInReview calling the lawsuit baseless and defending Kirstie’s weight loss.

News from our friends

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Olympic Recipes

Mango Yogurt Smoothie

Olympic Ring Fruit Salad

Baja Chicken Salad

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