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Maruchy Lachance is president of Running Ninja!, a lifestyle brand for runners by runners. Running Ninja! offers a wide variety of apparel and gifts for runners to keep you happy and inspired while you’re on the run.

I have a confession to make. I am one of the least motivated and thrifty people that I know. So when people tell me that they cannot embrace a healthy lifestyle because of time and/or money I assure them that they can.

Fitness: My lazy and thrifty fitness plan began with an old pair of sneakers and brisk walks around my neighborhood. I walked an hour every day until I had to adjust my exercise time to fit my demanding schedule. In an effort to cut the time in half I began to run. To this day I run an average of 30 minutes a day, having increased the number of miles throughout the years. Once I get home I work on toning with weights and spot training for about 10 minutes.

Food: It will not surprise you that I am not much of a cook, but all of my meals are delicious. They are lean and require little prep and cooking time. Chicken, fish and meats are seasoned and baked in the oven then served with a side of quinoa and spinach salad. I use a variety of vegetables to season the food, keeping costs down and nutrition up. I also replaced many foods with their healthier equal. Salads are now made with spinach instead of lettuce. Rice and pastas are now replaced with quinoa. I use olive oil for everything, even baking cakes. Sports drinks are used sparingly and my after-training drink is a splash of tart cherry juice with no added sugars in a tall glass of water and ice.

Your health should be your top priority. The most responsible thing you can do with your time and money is to strive for a healthy lifestyle. If you are healthy you will not only add years to your life, but quality to those years. Think of the money you will save when you don’t have to spend it on medicines to control the variety of illnesses brought on by poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle!

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