How to Choose Healthy Eats and Drinks at a Coffee House

Don’t you just love coffee shops? Whether it’s the comfy couches, mellow tunes, or free wi-fi that reels you in, you’re bound to stick around for a while and grab a little nosh. Since coffee shops serve way more than coffee these days, it helps to have a little know-how to help you stay on track with your diet.

Check out my video for coffee house healthy eating tips. It’s sure to “charge up” your next visit.

Be careful of the “silent sabotagers” – coffee beverages. Many drinks can have the calorie and fat value of desserts. A large whole milk mocha will set you back 400 calories and almost half your daily limit of saturated fat.espresso and beans

If you’re the kind who likes a little coffee with your sugar, try to think “less.”

  • Use less sweetener, one pump flavor shot or one sugar packet.
  • Choose fat-free milk.
  • Get a small size “designer” beverage.
  • Choose unsweetened drip coffees, Americano, or iced coffee most of the time and save the indulgent drinks for once in a while.

Pace yourself on the pastries. We all love the homemade muffins, bagels, and croissants at the coffee house. But the portion sizes can be over the top. They’ve all practically doubled in size – and fat and calories – over the last 15 years. You don’t have to totally abandon these tasty treats, but you should really make them treats!

  • Choose eggs, breakfast burritos, oatmeal, or low-fat yogurt parfaits most of the time. These choices have more protein, which will help you feel full without robbing you of too many calories.
  • Split muffins and other pastries with a friend or two so you can each have a “taste” (enjoy every last morsel) and make the bulk of your breakfast for something more nourishing.
  • Look for bran muffins or low-fat baked goods. Many coffee houses offer modest sized banana breads, hearty muffins made with with carrots, apples, and raisins. The low-fat recipes will use less oil and replace it with low-fat yogurt or applesauce.

Check-out the new healthier Starbucks menu.

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