How to Grill Perfect Vegetables

Either as a side dish or the main event, grilled vegetables are a fresh, healthy way to celebrate the summer season.

Not only is it important to eat more vegetables as part of a healthy diet, but if you’re eating more vegetables, chances are you’re eliminating higher-fat foods in favor of colorful, plant-based foods.

Opt for Veggies that Grill Well

Just like meats, different types of vegetables stand up to heat differently. Eggplant, summer squash, button mushrooms, peppers, corn on the cob and onions are all excellent on the grill. To serve them in a more creative way, opt for kabobs or a grilled vegetable salad.

Invest in a Grill Basket

According to David Venable, host of QVC’s In the Kitchen with David, one of the best investments you can make is a simple grilling gadget. A stainless steel grilling basket lets you grill veggies from peppers to zucchini, as well as your favorite meats or seafood. “A good grilling basket even allows you to easily flip and turn your food so that everything is cooked evenly.” Most grilling baskets have flexible wire to accommodate food items of varying thickness.

Don’t turn up the heat

If you’re standing in front of the grill in sweltering temperatures, you probably want to finish your task as quickly as possible. Cooking on high heat might seem like the answer to your problem, but it will make you more likely to burn your food. Because charred food is one of ten foods likely to cause cancer, cooking your vegetables low and slow is the best way to help them retain nutrients.

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