How to Lose a Guy in 12 Meals: Foods Your Man Just Doesn’t Understand

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Want to ditch a guy you’re not in to? Maybe passively scare off your boyfriend? A nice green smoothie or cup of Kombucha ought to do the trick!

Shape Magazine talked with men to find out which foods they can’t stand, and landed on 12 bites and sips that they just don’t get.

We know there’s “guy food” that involves nachos, burgers, wings, and beer. But who knew they were so averse to the most basic garden variety produce like beets and zucchini? Which, according to Matt O., is “an inferior cucumber in every possible way.”

Homemade Sweet and Spicy English Cucumber Pickles

Twelve men dished to Shape the foods that turned them off completely. Just as women don’t understand the need to sit around drinking beer up to our elbows in barbecue sauce, men are apparently lost on our desire to turn kale in to chips and almonds in to milk.

The unrefined palettes of these men took issue with some of the most popular foods of the moment.

“I don’t trust Brussels sprouts. They smell like wet dog when they’re ‘cooked,’” David G. told Shape.

Kombucha received this raving endorsement from Dean S., “It’s like dirty lake water that’s been carbonated.” He continued to find its only likely comparison to battery acid.

To see what else you should definitely not feed your man, unless you want him to go the way of your fleeting tryst with coconut oil, read Shape Magazine’s 12 Healthy Foods Men Will Never Understand.

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