INFOGRAPHIC: Will Smoking Pot Make You Skinny? New Research Says Maybe

why are pot smokers skinny

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Are people who use marijuana thinner than those who don’t? Though scientists can’t say conclusively that smoking pot makes you thin, a recent study shows a correlation between smaller waist circumference and marijuana use. Users not only seem to be thinner, but also somewhat healthier than their non-using counterparts. An exact reason for the trend hasn’t been discovered, but scientists are still intrigued by the results of the study.

More than 4,600 people participated in the study. Waist circumference and other weight-related factors were assessed in those who currently are marijuana users, those who used but don’t anymore, and those who never used. Other studies had found lower prevalence for obesity and diabetes in marijuana users, but this was the first study to also include tests for insulin, glucose and insulin resistance.

When studied, those factors led to some of the most surprising results. As researchers looked at the weight related factor, many significant differences were noted among the participants based on their marijuana usage. BMI, insulin levels, insulin resistance,glucose levels and waist circumference were all lower in current marijuana users when compared to those who used in the past or never had. The results of the study are impressive, but scientists have yet to determine the cause, and whether the results were in fact caused by marijuana use.

It is hoped that further research into the subject will be able to determine whether the differences found by the study are a direct result of marijuana use. If a direct correlation is found, scientists will then look into what exactly about marijuana affects people in this way. The study also notes that with the recent trends toward legalizing marijuana, doctors should be aware of what impact it can have on the body as more and more patients may come in having used it in some capacity.

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