Is All-You-Can-Eat at the Ballpark Really a Good Value?

all you can eat at the ballpark Although Major League Baseball players need to be in top shape, their fans have a new reason not to be. Nineteen of 30 major league teams now have an “all-you-can-eat section,” where spectators can fill up on ballpark staples like peanuts, hot dogs, soda, lemonade, nachos and ice cream.

Although there is a salad bar at the buffet-style section at Baltimore’s Camden Yards, the message is not a healthy one. The $40 ticket may seem like a steal, but the real cost is paid in unhealthy calories. “Teams say the intention is not for fans to gorge themselves on the food, but many fans say it often comes with the culture of being at the ballpark,” writes Sports Illustrated. “Even as Orioles fan Michele Sparklin ate a salad and said she yearned for choices like a grilled chicken wrap, she admitted to overindulging in hot dogs — and food in general — while sitting in the section. ‘When there’s a hot dog in your face, you have to take it,’ she said.”

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