Jillian Michaels Invests in Flywheel Sports

She may no longer be dispensing her tough love on the Biggest Loser, but no one can accuse Jillian Michaels of going into early retirement. She stays busy with various ventures, and now you can tack on being an investor in Flywheel Sports, a growing chain of indoor cycling studios.

Flywheel Sports, based in New York City, has been around for 18 months and is expanding its presence from six studios to 16.

“Jillian’s guidance will be so important as we bring Flywheel to new markets and new customers,” says Jay Galluzzo, co-founder of Flywheel Sports.

Flywheel Sports has three cycling studios in Manhattan, two in the Hamptons and one in Boca Raton, Florida. Next month, they will be opening a location in Chicago where Jillian Michaels will team up with Flywheel co-founder Ruth Zukerman to lead the first workout session.

So what separates the Flywheel experience from, say, a regular spinning class? Well for one, you have amphitheater-style seating, with raised rows so you aren’t ever directly behind the next person, or as Zukerman says, “you’re not sitting behind someone’s butt.”

You also ride in the dark with a spotlight on the instructor.

“You can’t see everyone else in the room, [so] there’s an incredible group vibe. It’s a very theatrical atmosphere,” says Zukerman.

It can also be a fun competitive environment, since Flywheel gives each rider real-time stats on their bike and allowing for in-studio competition among riders. Participants also have Web-based access to their individual performance over time.

Jillian said on her Facebook page that their goal is to take it national, so look for locations beyond South Florida and Chicago in the near future.

(via: PRNewswire)

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