Joey Chestnut Wins Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest by Eating 16,052 Calories

I’m sure most Americans had a hot dog yesterday. Some might have had two. Joey Chestnut? He ate 54. In just ten minutes at the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, he stepped up to the table and won once again by consuming 54 hot dogs (with buns) in the time it takes to cook a few on the grill.

There’s one word to sum up this gastronomic spectacle: gross.

There’s also one number to sum it up: 16,052.

That’s the number of calories consumed in 54 Nathan’s hot dogs and 54 buns. That’s more than eight days worth of calories.

More shocking numbers? In that ten minutes Chestnut consumed 1047.6 grams of fat, and 657.7 milligrams of sodium.

This year, Chestnut might have actually done his body a favor, coming in under the 68 he consumed last year. His goal this year was 70 hot dogs, which would have had him slurping down 20,762 calories.

Nutrition facts based on counts by CalorieLab for 66 hot dogs. See Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Yields Frightening Nutrition Facts

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