Joint Juice is a Sports Drink for Joint Health

Joint Juice recently launched a Joint Health Assessment tool on their website, a simple Joint Juice Reviewform for users to fill out and receiving a rating of their joint health. But what is Joint Juice? Joint Juice and Joint Juice Performance Water are liquid dietary supplements containing glucosamine, a natural compound found in healthy cartilage.

According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have indicated that glucosamine is beneficial in treating arthritis, particularly for the knee joints. Depending on the formula and flavor, Joint Juice beverages may also contain B vitamins, electrolytes and vitamin C.

Kevin R. Stone, the creator of Joint Juice, started his career as a orthopedic surgeon, developed the supplement for pro-athletes. The makers of Joint Juice tout the supplement as improving flexibility and joint function within four to eight weeks of daily use. However, these assertions do not appear to be supported by clinical studies, nor have they been evaluated by the FDA.

The glucosamine in Joint Juice does have the advantage of being plant-based, whereas most glucosamine products are derived from shellfish and are not vegetarian. As with any vitamin supplement, it’s good to consult with your doctor before taking regular doses, to be sure that it will have no adverse reactions with the other drugs and supplements you may be taking.

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