Margie Stubbs Lost 65 Pounds When She Dumped Her Bad Diet

Margie Stubbs just purchased a sports car, started rocking a new sexy short haircut and now she’s sporting the confidence of a woman who has just lost 65 pounds. Although her weight, 230 pounds at its highest, didn’t get in the way of being cast in television shows including Temptation, ABC’s WipeOut and MTV’s The Girls Of Hedsor Hall, she knew it was taxing her health.

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Like many people who find themselves struggling with extra pounds, Margie knew her diet played a big role, “I was eating out and cooking all the wrong ways. I ate red meat and everything was fried with a lot of hot sauce and sour cream. I was putting it on everything I cooked. I loved ice cream and food was in full control.”

Food was in full control. It even started affecting her health. She started suffering from high blood pressure, and daily migraine headaches left her feeling miserable. Then, even her closet began to suffer. Margie’s clothing choices started getting smaller and smaller. “I couldn’t find any clothes that fit me the way I used to look,” she said. “Also, nothing fit in the closet, I mean nothing fit. It was very depressing.”

IMG_1456 Margie was successful in her weight loss because she didn’t jump on the latest fad or completely overhaul her way of life overnight. She started with tiny, doable changes including removing things one-by-one from her diet that she knew weren’t good for her, including red meat and soda. After one month, she felt better and even her skin looked brighter.

For exercise, Margie increased her walking, which is fantastic for someone who is new to exercise or just getting back into a fitness routine. She kicked up the intensity by adding ankle weights, and she was committed. “I wore my ankle weights from morning until bed time faithfully for 5 months,” she explained. “I walked everywhere and started to park far away.”

Margie admits that giving up red meat, soda and ice cream were tough in the beginning because those were her, “go-to” foods but it was during that time she lost the most weight and felt energized, so she knew she had to keep them away. Now, she sticks to chicken, turkey and fish.

We asked what advice she would give to other people struggling to lose weight? “Stay strong and keep your old clothes,” she advised. “Put them on when you think of cheating on your diet. It really helped me to not want to go back to the old me. Also, surround yourself with positive people and love yourself.”

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