Michelle Obama Recruits Baseball Players in Anti-Obesity Campaign [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama's Anti-Obesity CampaignThe first lady asked Major League Baseball players to join her in creating a new public service campaign against childhood obesity. The New York Times reports that the campaign will consist of 30 TV ads and 30 radio ads, each one customized to one of the league’s teams. Another version of the public service announcement features Curtis Granderson and is being distributed nationally. Yankee center fielder Granderson is the campaign’s national spokesman.

The new PSAs are part of Ms. Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative. Each TV spot begins a message from the first lady: “There are so many fun things we all can do to be healthier, no matter who you are or where you are. So let’s move.” The following sequence is illustrated with footage of the local team. The ad should have local distribution by mid-August, and will also be appearing on the big screen in many ballparks.

Other sports leagues may soon also get involved with “Let’s Move,” but have yet to be scheduled.

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