Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Casting Tips

biggest loser castingRecently, I went to the Michigan Biggest Loser 9 casting call.  Everyone in line was extremely pleasant, but wanted to know the same thing.

Not how am I doing at home, what are Bob and Jillian really like, how is Max doing, or do I have a girlfriend; they wanted to know ‘How do I get on the show?’.

Well, here are some of my audition tips for all of those that want to try their shot on The Biggest Loser.

  • First off, come prepared.  Make sure you have all your information ready to go when you get in to be interviewed.  Everyone can print out the necessary forms on the Biggest Loser website.
  • Next, for some odd reason people think that if they are first in line they have a better shot at getting on the show.  Not true.  Do you really think that if you camp out, get a horrible night’s sleep, have some stinky morning breath because you forgot your toothbrush, that you will really be on the top of your game?  No.  Get a good night’s rest, come awake and ready to go.  The producers will see a lot of people so camping out is not necessary at all.
  • Bring your A game.  This may seem obvious, but what does that actually mean?

Don’t be ‘gimicky’.  Don’t wear costumes, “it’s my birthday”, ” I Love Jillian and Bob“, or other shirts that have a list of all the casting calls you’ve been to.  You won’t be wearing those things on the show, and they just aren’t you.

Believe me.

  • Make sure you speak up in your interview.  You are trying out for a TV show, they want to see that you can be vocal.  Keep eye contact.  Approach this like you would a business interview.
  • Be yourself!  Bring your personality. If you have a great personality, and a great story the producers will notice you.
  • Always remember,  you DO NOT need the Biggest Loser to change your life.  Light the fuse in your mind to change, make goals, stick to them, and good things are bound to come.

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In Health,

Mike Morelli, BL7

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