More Evidence Supports Fish Health Benefits

This doesn’t seem to be a real shocking discovery, but a new study suggests that the very low rates of coronary heart disease among the Japanese may be due to their lifelong high consumption of fish. We’ve known for a while now that omega 3 fatty acids in fish have many health benefits, among them being improved cardiovascular health. This study just further cements the notion. As for me, I’ll happily eat fish – raw or cooked!

Here’s a good overview of the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids:

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shelley says:

It’s so hard to know how to eat… fattier fish like salmon and trout are good because of omegas but on the other hand we are told to limit our consumption because of the mercury. How do you sort through all the info to make a decision that is good for you?

At any rate, you’ve got some really good info here on your blog. Would you consider adding your site to the Be Naturally Well community where our readers can find you?

Many blessings,

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