Nike + iPod Sensor Tracks Your Every Move

I recently purchased the Nike + iPod Sensor for my iPhone and Nike running shoes and I am a total fan!

The Nike Sensor can be used with any iPod or iPhone. You simply buy the sensor and place it in the sole of the Nike + running shoe and sync it with your iPod or iPhone. The fitness program tracks your distance, time and calories burned. No more going on blind runs where you have no idea how far you have gone, minutes you have ran, or the number of calories you have burned.

The Nike + iPod program is a workout partner and coach all in one. You can upload your training data to and track your progress. You can also set goals, compete with friends, or compete in other challenges with fellow Nike + users from all over the world. The Nike + fitness program calibrates to your natural running or walking stride for accurate distance tracking and allows you the option to listen to your own music library, playlists, power songs, or shuffle through music randomly.

I absolutely love the Nike + fitness program. Not only do I use it for my personal workouts, but I also use it to track my clients’ cardio sessions as well. Nike has made fitness easy and enjoyable, not to mention motivational. I was struggling with my runs due to lack of motivation, but thanks to the Nike + fitness program I am back on the steady cardio train.

For more information about the Nike + program visit any Nike store or check

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