Outdoor Fitness Games For That Family Get Together

basketballFamily outings and reunions are very popular this time of year and sometimes can be rather boring if you’re not at the lake or other hot spot. I love being outdoors and playing games with the family to waste away a nice relaxing weekend. But make sure to stay well hydrated during the day to avoid any serious injury.

Top Outdoor Family Games/Activities

1. Swimming- Hit that local pool with the family; nothing better than a nice dip on a hot summer day.

2. Playing Catch- Playing catch with a football/baseball is a good way to bond with one another.

3. Volleyball- Set up a small volleyball net in the yard and get a quick game going; fun for all.

3. Basketball- Shoot some hoops or have a nice game of “HORSE”.

4. Croquet- Great game for the entire group; make sure to look up the rules because it’s more fun if you know how to play.

5. Horseshoes- Put a couple rods down and have a good round of shoes; great partner game.

6. Washers- Kind of like horseshoes and challenging as well.

7. Frisbee- Fun, fun, fun; it’s all in the flick of the wrist.

3 Responses to Outdoor Fitness Games For That Family Get Together

Mark Salinas says:

Fitness fun and with the family is the way to go!

Great post!

Qlubb-Andy says:

Usually during family vacations, adherence to diets tend to go out the window. Regular exercise during the vacation is a great way to minimize the health “deficit”. We sometimes have morning jogs where everybody gets out early. For those who are a little slower or want to take a more relaxed workout, they ride bikes or get on rollerblades – or sometimes we have a slow and a fast group. Doubles tennis is also another social thing that gets you exercise. Even though we all live in different states, we coordinated on qlubb so that we each brought all of the right equipment and planned all of our days.

Matt says:

Thats awesome Andy, good work!!

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