Pistachios are a Home Run at MLB Stadiums Along with Other Healthy Snacks

Summer is in full swing, meaning baseball stadiums around the country are packed with fans, especially this week at the All Star Game. It wouldn’t be an all-American baseball game without chowing down on some ballpark food, like stadium staples hot dogs, nachos, and peanuts. But what about those who want to enjoy a night at the old ball game without feeling bloated from the grease and sodium afterward?

Don’t fret my friends! Ballparks around the country are adding healthier choices to their menus! Some baseball stadiums added pistachios as an alternative to peanuts. Pistachios have more fiber and less saturated fat than peanuts, are a good source of vitamin B6 (15% DV), and you get almost 50 pieces for a single serving. That’s good stuff.

“There aren’t many healthy options at ballparks, so it’s exciting that consumers will be able to get in the game with pistachios this summer,” said Patricia Bannan, registered dietitian for Wonderful Pistachios. “Nutrient-packed pistachios have a lot to offer without sacrificing taste, so you can snack on them guilt-free as you enjoy watching your favorite teams.”

There is no doubt that the tasty healthy snacks are giving peanuts a run for their money.

In 2024, a study deemed pistachios as “the skinny nut,” since the body doesn’t absorb all of the nut’s fat.

Not only are stadiums offering pistachios as a healthier alternative to peanuts, but many are adding gluten-free food and other healthy snacks to their concessions. And you can get about 40 pistachios in a serving.

Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field offers a gluten-free concession stand. There they serve up grilled veggie burgers with organic rice rolls. They also offer buns, brownies, cookies, and beer, all of which are gluten-free.

Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field has gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods. They serve frozen kefira, a low-fat soft-serve treat that is 99% lactose free and gluten free.

Chicago White Soxs’ U.S. Cellular Field Stadium serves gluten-free beer, buns, and chocolate chip cookies to their patrons and offers multi-grain bread.

Los Angeles Angels’ Angels Stadium visitors get the choice of eating veggie dogs, gluten-free sandwiches, fresh fruits, black bean burgers, veggies wraps, grilled veggie bean paninis, or an organic market green salad.

Minnesota Twins’ Target Field offers a fresh market at their stadium, gluten-free nut snacks, and veggie kabobs for people to eat while watching the Twins play.

New York Mets’ Citi Field has a Kozy Shack Gluten Free stand where fans can enjoy their rice pudding.

Philadelphia Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park’s menu choices include vegan chicken sandwiches, gluten-free snacks, and gluten-free hot dogs and buns.

San Diego Padres’ PETCO Park Stadium has a gluten-free vendor stand serving burgers, hot dogs, salad, and beer.

The Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field in Denver has a gluten-free stand and a salad bar with tofu, shrimp, and chicken.

These are just a few highlights of stadiums around the country serving up healthier menu options for their ballpark fans. Some stadiums offer fruit salads, sushi, vegetarian burritos, and much more. So take a break to enjoy an all-American sport and see if your local baseball park has a healthy food item for you! If they don’t, push them to do so. After a veggie burger and some pistachios, you won’t have to skimp on the Cracker Jacks!

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