Realize Band Users Chronicle Weight Loss Stories Online

realize bandIt is no longer just YouTube that has cornered the market on online videos. Now companies are using streaming videos on their websites to market their products. Back in late June, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, maker of the REALIZE Band, debuted a video featuring REALIZE users sharing their weight loss experience and successes with this weight loss device.

The REALIZE Band is an adjustable gastric band that is surgically implanted in the stomach in order to significantly reduce food intake.

Here is DietsInReview’s evaluation of the REALIZE Band. Similar to the popular LAP Band, the REALIZE Band features a comprehensive program that includes fitness and diet tools and now real life stories from REALIZE users who are chronicling their weight loss journey via the device’s website.

From Viki, a former obese mother who shares how the online REALIZE food journal teaches her accountability, to Garry who candidly discusses how the REALIZE Band has allowed him to enjoy food for the first time in his life, these videos are able to give potential patients a sneak peek into the real lives of those who are using this device and having success with it. In addition to each user’s testimonial videos are blog entries, their progress stats (including what their starting weight was and where it is today) and before and during photos.

realize band youtube channelTaking a cue from the success of reality television and infomercials, companies like the makers of REALIZE are leading the way in a whole new era of marketing and product communication. What’s really got people talking is the new REALIZE YouTube channel. It’s the first time a consumer marketing move like this has been done for a medical device. It’s allowing potential patients to gain first-hand knowledge of the benefits, concerns, results and process in a way that feels personal.While anyone who is interested in using the REALIZE Band will without a doubt benefit from seeing these personal portfolios of similar folks, you do have to ask yourself if there is a flip-side to using the REALIZE Band?

Fortunately, available to view are videos which highlight a REALIZE user’s fear of surgery and complications. Just as important as it is to see the benefits of this device, or any weight loss device for that matter, it is also necessary to understand the risks associated with it. The REALIZE website does a good job of discussing the concerns and lifelong dietary restrictions and also features dialogue from professionals like a psychologist and a registered dietitian. They clearly go out of their way to answer not just all of your questions, but they also appeal to our love of  video, an easy and extremely accessible mode of communication and learning.

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