Relaxation Drinks Take Shot at Chilling You Out

Energy drinks have long been popular with people needing a mid-day pick-me-up. And while Red Bull and Rockstar may not be knocked off the top of the heap, there’s a possible new trend arising that takes consumers in the opposite mental direction.

People can now “chill out” to relaxation shots. Some of the products hitting the market include such catchy names as Snoozeberry and iChill. But there are 350 total relaxation drinks on the market, according to Agata Kaczanowska, an analyst with the research company IBISWorld. While I guess I’m not really looking for them, I’m surprised that I am unaware of this stuff, when there are so many on the shelves already.

According to IBISWorld, the relaxation drink industry is expected to generate $500 million in sales revenue this year.

So, what’s in these wonder drinks that’s causing such a stir? Some of them contain melatonin, valerian root and rose hips, all known for their relaxation properties.

But since these products are not regulated by the FDA, there are potential dangers. And regardless of whether or not they have been FDA-approved, there are side effects with some of the ingredients. Melatonin can effect other hormones, sperm count, and sexual development in adolescents.

Pregnant and nursing women shouldn’t use melatonin, and it can interact with prescription medications.

While the allure is strong to sip a drink to take the edge off, there are many very natural ways to do so, such as meditation, yoga, and listening to relaxing music.

(via: New York Times)

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