Review: My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS

Nintendo’s newest get-fit endeavor is a weight loss tool for the Nintendo DS, called My Weight Loss Coach. Check out this newest review from to learn if it’s a good choice for you.

nintendo ds my weight loss coachBACKGROUND
Nintendo really seems to be grabbing the market on the physical activity-minded video games. On the coat tails of the popular Wii and Wii Fit, they introduce My Weight Loss Coach for the handheld Nintendo DS. While this “game” itself won’t get you in shape, it will serve as an electronic motivator- giving you the tools and guidance you need to stay focused and motivated.

My Weight Loss Coach comes with a pedometer- a tool used to track how many steps you take during a day. You sync this each day with the Nintendo DS and it will track your progress. It will also record and track your BMI, total weight lost, total distance moved and allow you to key-in other milestones as far as diet and other exercise. The program was developed by a nutritionist- so not only does it encourage weight loss, but it’s a digital partner in helping you obtain your overall health and nutrition goals.

– Travels wherever you go
– Pedometer is a proven tool for successful weight loss
– Created by a nutritionist
– Tracks all weight loss efforts with visual charts

– Must use the pedometer and sync often to get results
– Doesn’t teach lifelong habits
– No food or diet guidance

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  1. Jamison says:

    Thankee for the blog.

    My doctor disgust this product their customer support is a scam!
    My friend had a bad reaction to this cheap product with upset digestive system and had a chellenge getting a refund.Do not try anything unless doctor recomends it.

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