Seven Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Whole Grains

Seven ways to get your kids to eat more of the whole grains they need. Federal nutrition guidelines recommend at least three servings of whole grains per day, but most children only eat one. But there’s hope: a new study from the University of Minnesota shows kids may not dislike whole grains as much as is generally believed. Children in the study were given a choice between whole grain graham crackers and processed graham crackers, and they didn’t show a strong preference.

“Graham snacks provide a healthy, highly acceptable whole grain food that kids love to eat,” says Len Marquart, the lead investigator on the study. “This is an excellent way for kids to get up to an additional serving of whole grain per snacking occasion.”
There are lots of other whole grain products that are healthy and have kid friendly taste. Although some products—like pasta—do have a strikingly different texture than their processed counterparts, encourage your kids to at least try the whole grains version.

1. Switch to whole grain pasta, Annie’s has several whole wheat Mac ‘n’ Cheese dishes.

2. Next time you make quesadillas or tacos, use whole grain tortillas.

3. Try our whole grain pancake recipe.

4. Bake cookies with whole grain flour.

5. Switch from white to brown rice.

6. Cook whole grain couscous for dinner.

7. Look for whole grain oatmeal and cereals.

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