Skinny Limits is the More Affordable Raw Juice Cleanse

By Naomi Shapiro of

Although many people think of juice cleanses as a weight loss tool, for some they’re a pathway to wellness. The idea is that if you give your digestive tract some time off from all the hazards of the modern world — processed foods, refined sugars, artificial colors and flavors, etc.— and fill it with easy-to-absorb, nutrient-dense liquids, your body and mind will work more efficiently.

skinny limits raw juice

Skinny Limits is an Austin-based purveyor of fresh, cold-pressed raw juices that can be delivered nationwide. Their menu consists of six core juices, each of which you’ll consume each day via 16-ounce bottles. The following Skinny Limits juices will be drank in lieu of solid foods.

  • Pure & Simple: kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple, lemon
  • Balance: kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger
  • Scorpion Lemonade: lemons, agave nectar, cayenne pepper
  • Crescent Moon: cashew “milk” with vanilla, cinnamon, agave nectar
  • Green Firefly: kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, pineapple
  • Lotus: beet, carrot, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger

Skinny Limits offers a very similar regimen as its competitors. It’s available for juicing schedules lasting one day up to ten days and in different flavor groupings according to taste and personal preference.

What is noticeably different about Skinny Limits immediately, though, is price. The three day Juice Cleanse Variety Pack that I tried cost $147 plus $30 for shipping, which brings the price to just under $10 for each bottle. Compare that to the $240 for the very similar 3 day Blueprint Cleanse I tried and there is a savings of more than $3 per serving! If you’re looking for a way to try out juicing, Skinny Limits is a good way to go.

It might just be because I went to college in Austin, but it feels like Skinny Limits is just as interested in building a raw foodie community as they are in building a juice cleanse empire. The Skinny Limits blog has great recipes for making your own juices and smoothies, and the Skinny Limits Pinterest boards feature well-curated and eminently repinnable raw food recipes.

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While Skinny Limits provided complimentary product, this review was not sponsored or influenced and remains our own opinion.

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